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Too Opinionated

Feb 25, 2022

Today on Too Opinionated we sit down with Austin’s 21 year old multi-instrumentalist, rapper, songwriter, producer and artistic innovator JAXON.

When Jaxon was 18 he realized making music and his dream of connecting and effecting people with a positive influence was at his very core. He lives music. He breathes music. Jaxon spends 12 hours a day, everyday, crafting his sound.

His debut single “Devil’s In The Dog House” – Jaxon’s upfront hip-hop, rap and jazz infused track dropped on February 4th!

Jaxon is totally loveable, super talented and ready to make his mark on the world with his highly engaging mashed up, genre defying sound. His energy is personified by pure positiveness that revibrates from his whole being.

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