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Too Opinionated

Jun 5, 2022

Today on Too Opinionated, we visit with fellow podcaster and author Jake Fraczek! 

Best-selling author, Damaged Goods podcast host and musician Jake Fraczek has released his newest book, a hilarious collection of essays titled THE WAITING ROOM, which is the follow-up to his first book, QUICKSAND (Writers Republic, LLC).  Both books are autobiographical and grounded in the backstory of heartache, ego, and now in The Waiting Room, the painful loss of his father.

Jake writes with the approach of an Irish funeral, laughing through the rough parts with celebration and comfortable in his vulnerability. His dark comedic elements blend with his unique perspective and rare life experiences to create vivid tales of galivanting, shame, and debauchery that are at times strikingly relatable and at others, humorously outlandish.

Fraczek also goes by the moniker, “Jake The Snake,” (which eventually became “J the S” for short), which was his childhood nickname that followed him into his independent music career as a hip hop artist and his band, Blue Gold, who traveled the country playing shows and releasing a number of projects.

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