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Too Opinionated

Dec 30, 2022

Today on Too Opinionated, we welcome Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, David Sancious!

After several years of playing keyboards and guitar in Jazz , R&B , and Rock Bands on the Jersey shore area, David met Bruce Springsteen at the entrance to a club where Bruce was organizing a jam session. The result was an invitation to join a new band that Bruce was putting together. This eventually became "Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band", and after recording three albums and touring the country, with Bruce, he left to form the group "Tone" and recorded several albums.

The first recordings ( "Forest of Feelings" ) in 1975, followed by ("Transformation: the Speed of Love"), ( "True Stories" ), ( "Just as I Thought" ), and ( " The Bridge " ) showed David's skills as a composer for the first time, and led to his being considered one of the most talented and sought after keyboard players in the music industry." I've always been inspired and motivated by the composing aspect of music, and I've always thought of myself as a composer who plays well , rather than a person who is just proficient on a given instrument.

The recordings attracted the attention of artist the world over. Recent recordings include (" 9 Piano Improvisations"), ( " Cinema" ), and (" Live in The Now"). Peter Gabriel , Sting , Bruce Springsteen, , Eric Clapton , Jeff Beck, Seal and others, have used his talents as pianist, synthesist, guitarist, arranger, and producer on recording sessions and concert tours, playing an eclectic and diverse range of music.

David just performed with Bruce Springsteen with songs from Bruce Springsteen’s new studio album Only The Strong Survive, on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon for 4 performances. 

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