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Too Opinionated

Jan 30, 2023

Today on Too Opinionated, we are joined by iconic actress Dee Wallace. 

Dee Wallace has starring in appeared in 7 television series, over 400 commercials, as well as holding the record for any living actress with over 280 films/TV movie credits, including CRITTERS, THE HOWLING, CUJO,  THE FRIGHTENERS, 10, THE HILLS HAVE EYES, and the number one blockbuster, E.T. THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL.

Dee is an Emmy nominated actress, as well as a best-selling author and a multi-nationally respected authority on the art of self-creation for over 30 years.

Dee continues to conduct her weekly call-in radio show with over 500 episodes, monthly webinars and private sessions worldwide form her home and via phone. Like E.T., she teaches us how to truly “get back home.” Dee has authored seven critically acclaimed books on the subject of self-creation: Conscious Creation, The Big E!, Bright Light, Getting Stuff and Wake Up Now! BORN and BuppaLaPaloo (children’s book). 

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