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Too Opinionated

Oct 9, 2021

Today on Too Opinionated we speak with Bryan James!

Actor, writer, producer, and director Bryan James, best known for creating and starring in hit web series  "Youthful Daze" is gearing up to release crime drama TV Series "Bloodbath" (premieres November 12, 2021) with more upcoming projects in the works; RECKLESS and “The Wonderful Wendalls.”

“Bloodbath” is a crime drama TV series starring Phillip Boyd (“General Hospital”) as Officer Barry Sloane, Jacob Young (“The Bold and the Beautiful”) as Sergeant Ben Watson, and Guy Wilson (“Days of Our Lives”) as Officer Chad Waterhouse. In the series, two cops, Barry Sloane (Boyd) and Mark Jenkins (played by Bryan James) with different political views go to war against one another during the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement, the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and right-wing terrorist organizations. A triple threat, Bryan produced, wrote, and stars in “Bloodbath.”

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