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Too Opinionated

Sep 25, 2023

Meet Lovetta, the alter-ego of Roanoke's Taylor Dupuis. Her brand of indie pop music is emotive and opulent, decorated by tenderly raw, relatable lyrics and topped with feminine empowerment. While it’s perhaps a stereotypical Midwesterner trait but Lovetta, who hails from Michigan, writes earnestly and with little restraint. With Lovetta, Taylor feels the freedom to confront her emotions and experience catharsis within her songwriting. She braves the exploration of themes of love (positive and negative — with everything in-between), empowerment, and self-discovery with an untamed and authentic approach. Her resilience shines through in her music and is reinforced with honest lyrics. Wearing her wild heart on her sleeve, she aims to encourage others to permit themselves to live —really live — as authentically and romantically as her music reveals her life experiences to be.

Lovetta's new single Havin a Good Time releases on September 28th! 

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