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Too Opinionated

May 31, 2023

Today on Too Opinionated author Peggy Gerber returns to talk about her new poetry book, The Big Indignity.

The Big Indignity explores the complex issues of aging in a society that celebrates youth and beauty. The Big Indignity does not hold back. The 31 provocative poems in this collection discuss everything from setting new goals, to the joys of grand parenthood to contemplating end of life decisions.

Peggy's last book was Stumbling in CrazyTown, which documents some of her personal struggles with anxiety. A poet and writer of short stories, Peggy Gerber was thrilled to have been chosen as the winner of the 2021 Open Contract Challenge. When she is not writing poetry, Peggy likes to indulge her love of speculative fiction by writing stories about time machines, friendly aliens and creepy dolls. Her work has appeared in over eighty publications including the anthology Natural Instincts: Tales of Witches and Warlocks. Peggy lives with her husband David in Northern, New Jersey, and loves reading, traveling and especially playing with her four grandchildren. 

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