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Too Opinionated

Dec 30, 2022

Today on Too Opinionated, actor Neb Chupin drops in for a visit!

Neb Chupin is an actor and producer originally from Zagreb, Croatia, that will soon be seen as Dr. Loesch in Lionsgate's upcoming thriller Mindcage with John Malkovich and Martin Lawrence, out December 16th. Neb lived in Croatia until he was 22. He later moved to the US to attend Northeastern University in Boston, graduating as a mechanical engineer in 1992. He then worked for the MIT Plasma Fusion Center, Gillete and began an engineering career with Nextel as a Sr. Design Network Engineer. In 2000 he started acting at the CP Casting Studio in Boston and soon after retired from engineering to pursue modeling and acting in Miami.

Neb worked as a stand-in for Michael Shannon in Bad Boys 2 and in 2005 he was cast in James Valentines feature 411 where he first began to learn about producing in addition to acting. He later moved to Los Angeles and continued acting lessons at Anthony Mendel's Actor Workshop. His first dramatic acting role was with Bobby B. Grubic in the award winning short 'Final Stop.' After that he starred in the television series "Feel The Dead" in Italy and a short film in Belgium that garnered him multiple acting award nominations.

Since then, Neb's career quickly took flight and in less than five years he was in twenty films including Fanatic and Poison Rose with John Travolta, Acceleration with Dolph Lundgren and Natalie Burn and Obsessio, again with Natalie Burn. For his role in Obsessio he went on to win a special acting award at The Venice Film Festival. He has multiple films in production that he both acts in and produces including Pig Killer, The Last Redemption and the apocalyptic fantasy The Islander.

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