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Too Opinionated

Jan 22, 2021

On the latest Too Opinionated, Actor/Comedian Michael Judson Berry drops by.

Michael Judson Berry recently completed his first feature film. ‘Milkwater. The film can be seen at film festivals such as Atlanta Film Festival, Brooklyn Film Festival, and Indie Street Virtual Film Festival. ‘Milkwater’ recently won “Best Screenplay” at Brooklyn film festival.

During quarantine, Michael decided to put his comedic acting skills on TikTok, in order to bring some happiness into the world. His impressions of the Schitt’s Creek character, Moira Rose, have gone viral throughout social media. Michael hilariously created his show, “QuaranTeaTime with Moira Rose” on TikTok which has millions of views and followers to date. He writes and performs skits of Moira Rose, in many different outfits, wigs, and in any situation imaginable. Not only does he do impressions of Moira Rose, but he also includes cameos of the entire cast throughout his skits. Emmy Award winning actress, Catherine O’Hara, has acknowledged and praised Michael for his impression of her Schitt’s Creek character Moira Rose. See below for her full quote!

“Yeah. Somebody sent me a clip of [Berry] on Instagram. And he does Moira in different situations. He did Moira tasting a beer for the first time. He’s really good at it. He’s really good. I mean, it’s a hard accent to imitate only, and I didn’t mean it to be, but I think it’s really hard to imitate because it ridiculously inconsistent. And I think when most people try to do it, they try to be consistent. And that makes it not sound like Moira to me. But he’s really got it down. And he writes funny dialogue for himself too. He’s really good.” – Catherine O’hara

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