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Too Opinionated

Aug 24, 2023

Fengzhao (Lucas) Xu has made his solo debut in the U.S with his innovative photography exhibit "Rye Above the Sea," open now until August 5TH at the Yiwei Gallery (1350 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA). This collection serves as a documentation of Xu's personal journey, exploring the nuances of physical and psychological displacement he experienced upon moving to the United States from China.

The exhibition "Rye Above the Sea" is inspired by the American writer J.D. Salinger's novel "The Catcher in the Rye." Salinger employed a stream-of-consciousness narrative to depict the inner world of a sixteen-year-old boy. These pieces convey the journey of pain, hope, and recovery by using expressive imagery and composition. The exhibition "Rye Above the Sea" seeks to embody the spirit of Salinger's work, delving into the complexities of his own mental experience and the importance of holding onto his wish to the world. Through the power of photographic art, he hopes to bring attention and hope to kids like him who have experienced psychological trauma and physical dislocation, while also provoking deep reflection and resonance within the audience about their own inner worlds.

Through his photographs, Xu explores his psychological transition and the range of emotions he experienced as an international student in America. Nostalgia and solitude permeated his journey, and the act of capturing these moments became vital, allowing Xu to truly be present in the moment and connect with his surroundings.

The exhibition consists of a diverse range of scenes, ranging from intimate and private moments to captivating public encounters, captured in both China and America. It showcases a harmonious fusion of vibrant and monochromatic compositions, reflecting the artist's incorporation of various photography forms such as digital, film, and even mobile phone photography. Xu's experimentation with different elements infuses each photograph with a sense of puzzle-like quality, allowing them to seamlessly interconnect and weave a compelling narrative that speaks to his dreams, realities, and diaspora.

Lucas Fengzhao Xu is a photographer from Zhejiang (China), and now based in Los Angeles. 


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